Sophomore CoSci student named handler of Aggie mascot Reveille

Reveille IX

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For most Texas A&M students, navigating campus is an unremarkable part of their daily routine, but there’s nothing ordinary about any trip that construction science major Ian Moss takes when he’s accompanied by Reveille, the collie who serves as Texas A&M’s mascot.

“It was a little overwhelming at first,” said Moss, a corporal in the Texas A&M [Corps of Cadets] ( , who was announced as Reveille’s handler at an April 17, 2015 ceremony. “People that never noticed me before stop and ask to take pictures. It’s been crazy,” he said.

“My favorite part about being with Reveille is seeing how she affects other people,” continued Moss, a sophomore. “Everywhere Reveille goes, all of a sudden everyone’s face lights up. She makes everyone’s day better.”

Moss and Reveille are constant companions in class, at meals and at twice-daily cadet roll calls, as well as numerous campus gatherings such as athletic contests and student events. Moss is also responsible for getting Reveille plenty of exercise, which involves daily walks or runs.

“If I am unable to make an event or unable to take Reveille somewhere with me, I delegate responsibilities through the ranks,” he said.

Moss and Reveille are both newcomers to their celebrity lives because [Reveille IX] ( , born in November 2013, began her service as Texas A&M’s mascot May 9, 2015. She replaced Reveille VIII, who retired to the [Stevenson Companion Animal Life-Care Center] ( on campus.

“I’ve gone from Reveille VIII, who was extremely experienced and sort of walked me through my job, to a puppy who is having to learn what’s going on, just like me,” said Moss.

Reveille, a cadet general and the highest-ranking member of the corps, and Moss will be companions until next April, when a new handler is announced.

“She will stay with me over the summer and go on vacations with me and my family,” said Moss, a native of Southlake, Texas and a member of corps [Company E-2] ( , which is tasked with Reveille’s care.

Moss was named Reveille’s handler for winning a competition between select members of Company E-2 that included a written test and public presentation on Reveilles past and present. The candidates were given eight weeks to research Texas A&M archives housed in the Cushing Library.

Moss is a second-generation Aggie from Southlake, Texas. His father, a mechanical engineer who works on construction projects, piqued Moss’ interest in construction management as a career. Moss is also considering an officer-commissioning program in the U.S. Marines after graduation.

The [Reveille tradition] ( began in January 1931 when Aggie band members, returning to campus from Navasota, brought a stray dog they had accidentally struck with their vehicle back to their dorm room nurse back to health. The dog got her name the next morning after she began barking to the sounds of “Reveille” and became the school’s mascot at the beginning of the fall football season.

posted May 7, 2015