A message from the dean

As Dean of the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University, I cannot be indifferent to the complex reality we all are facing today. Sadly, we are seeing how racism, bigotry, hate, and violence are still alive in our Nation, and how they seem to be escalating. Violence against African Americans is real, as is the harassment of people for their country of origin, for their values and beliefs, and for their ethnicity, culture, and language. This is an unfortunate reality that we all need to acknowledge, become aware, understand, and not tolerate. On behalf of the complete College Leadership Team, which is composed of Associate and Assistant Deans, Department Heads, and Directors of key business units, I want to unequivocally assure students, faculty, and staff, that our College is committed unwaveringly to a climate and an environment of respect, diversity, tolerance, and inclusion for all. While we cannot regulate or control what other individuals, groups, or organizations sometimes think, say, or do, what we can do is to ensure that we do not tolerate and that we stop any act of racism, bigotry, hate, and violence in our College, in our University, and in our Community. We have been, are, and will continue to be, committed to making sure that every student, every member of the faculty, and every member of the staff feels safe and free, accepted and respected, and valued for who they are. Peace.

Dr. Jorge Vanegas


posted June 2, 2020