Landscape architecture professors earn arts & humanities fellowships

Two College of Architecture faculty members, Hope Hui Rising and Andrea Roberts, earned prestigious fellowships from Texas A&M University’s [Arts & Humanities Fellowship Program] ( , announced by Research at Texas A&M today.

Each of the ten 2020 fellows will receive a three-year grant of $15,000 to support scholarship in the humanities or creative work in the arts.

[Hope Hui Rising] ( , assistant professor of landscape architecture investigates approaches for designing sustainable settlements in places near rivers, lakes and oceans that can proactively adapt to the effects of climate change —such as rising sea levels or intense flooding — while also engaging in mitigation strategies that are more effective and timely.

[Andrea Roberts] ( , assistant professor of landscape architecture & urban planning, will work on generating a book that examines the struggles of more than 500 Texas freedom colonies, exploring issues of land stewardship, ownership and cultural production while documenting the ongoing resistance to social forces that may seek to erase heritage, place and “free” black identity.

Since its launch in 2015, the Arts and Humanities Fellowship Program has sponsored projects by 41 faculty members, including the 10 newest fellows.

The program is designed to recognize the importance of the arts and humanities in shaping and advancing human civilization, Texas A&M Vice President for Research Mark A. Barteau said.

Each spring Arts & Humanities fellows are chosen by a peer-review committee from project-based applications. Selections are based on merit and originality, professional qualifications, clarity, benefit to the public and the quality of the overall presentation.

Other 2020 arts and humanities fellows:

  • José Luis Bermúdez , professor, Department of Philosophy & Humanities, College of Liberal Arts
  • David Donkor , associate professor, Department of Performance Studies, College of Liberal Arts
  • Side Emre , associate professor, Department of History, College of Liberal Arts
  • Carmela Garritano , associate professor, Department of International Studies, College of Liberal Arts
  • Sonia Hernandez , associate professor, Department of History, College of Liberal Arts
  • Britt Mize , associate professor, Department of English, College of Liberal Arts
  • Stephen Badalyan Riegg , assistant professor, Department of History, College of Liberal Arts
  • Robin Veldman , assistant professor, Religious Studies Program, College of Liberal Arts

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posted May 1, 2020