Disaster recovery and hazard research symposium findings presented at conference

Leading disaster recovery and hazard scholars from throughout the Texas A&M System announced recent research findings and ongoing projects related to Hurricane Harvey and additional disasters Sept. 5-6, 2019 at Texas A&M’s Rudder Tower.

The conference, [Resilience Rising: Research and Practice on Harvey and Hazards of the Future] (https://hrrc.arch.tamu.edu/Event/Upcoming%20events/Upcoming%20Events.html) , was organized and led by researchers and practitioners from a variety of backgrounds from six system universiities and hosted by the [Texas A&M Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center] (http://hrrc.arch.tamu.edu) .

The conference, which drew 160 registered attendees, featured 67 projects presented live or as posters by 200+ authors from over 35 departments/agencies/centers/institutes.

The event was also hosted by the [One Star Foundation] (https://onestarfoundation.org) , Texas A&M [College of Engineering] (https://engineering.tamu.edu) , College of Architecture, the [Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning] (http://laup.arch.tamu.edu) , [Texas Target Communities] (http://ttc.arch.tamu.edu) , [Institute for Sustainable Communities] (http://ifsc.tamu.edu) , the [Center for Housing & Urban Development] (http://chud.arch.tamu.edu) , and the university's [Superfund Research Center] (https://superfund.tamu.edu) .

Sarah Wilson


posted August 6, 2019