May 2019 architecture and film symposium explored design theory, teaching and practice

Vahid Vahdat

A wide variety of research and creative work by film and design scholars and filmmakers was featured in the [2019 Architecture and Film Symposium] ( , a forum at Texas A&M May 4-5 whose participants promoted innovation in design theory, teaching and practice.

Symposium presenters explored numerous themes including memory, identity, space, social justice virtual realities, noir, post-modernism, and utopia through architecture, cinematography, design, the humanities, the performing arts and more.

“The symposium fostered an interdisciplinary dialogue,” said Vahid Vahdat, Texas A&M visiting [architecture] ( lecturer and event co-chairman. “It adopts cinematic representations of the built environment as a cultural lens for interdisciplinary theoretical debate and exploits the filmic capacity to produce virtual spatial experiences as a form of design experimentation.”

Sarah Wilson

posted April 30, 2019