College passes $20 million mark In ‘Lead by Example’ campaign

Larry Zuber

The College of Architecture achieved an important fundraising benchmark in Texas A&M University’s $4 billion [Lead by Example] ( comprehensive campaign, reaching the $20 million mark of its [$30 million goal] ( last March.

The university’s campaign encompasses all gifts and private grants to Texas A&M and its affiliated charitable groups through 2020. Those groups include the [Texas A&M Foundation] ( , the [12th Man Foundation] ( , [The Association of Former Students] ( and the [George H.W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation] ( .

The campaign’s goal is to highlight opportunities for individuals to make a difference and emphasize private philanthropy’s role in support of Texas A&M’s continued excellence. Donors are able to direct their gifts to areas they care about most, while academic units like the college promote initiatives where new funding can make the greatest impact.

Although $4 billion and $30 million are extraordinary numbers, individual gifts of any size can provide critical benefits for students and faculty, said Larry Zuber, chief fundraiser for the college.

“We’ve seen $1000 scholarships make the difference in a student’s ability to study in Italy, or a collection of smaller donations honor the legacy of one of our treasured faculty with an endowed professorship in his or her name,” said Zuber. “Ultimately, it’s about people, not dollars.”

The most significant element of a campaign like Lead by Example is how it has encouraged former students to consider different ways to make the biggest difference for the causes they are the most passionate about, said Zuber.

Nearly $5 million of the college’s $20 million total are commitments for future gifts, as individuals include the college in their wills or name their favorite department as the recipient of trusts, annuities, insurance policies or retirement accounts.

“These planned gifts will one day have enormous impact in the college’s future,” said Zuber.

The college’s general campaign priorities may be found at [] (

For personal guidance on you can best make a difference, contact Zuber at or (979)324-7539.

posted July 2, 2018