Viz students’ interactive artwork exhibited at regional art center

See KBTX [report] ( on [“PLAY inside the box”] ( exhibit.

Visitors can interact with art created by students at Texas A&M’s Department of Visualization in “PLAY inside the box,” an [exhibit] ( that runs through Oct. 26 at the Art Center of Brazos Valley, 2275 Dartmouth St. in College Station.

Projects include interactive sound and projection installations, kinetic sculptures, kinetic sculptures, an adult-sized zoetrope — a device that produces an illusion of motion from still images — and more.

“The students explore aesthetic qualities of play in the exhibit through visitors’ interaction with their artwork," said Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo, assistant professor of visualization.

It’s the first exhibit in an annual collaboration between the department and the [Arts Council of Brazos County] ( , which operates the center.

The pieces were created in a contemporary art class led by Seo, in which students drew from contemporary methods of creative expression emphasizing the intersection of art, science and technology. They developed technology-based work that engages history, theory and practice in the visual arts.

posted October 22, 2013