Vizzer's video featured in History Channel program on Earth's core

Stephanie Keske

Stephanie Keske

A video created by Stephanie Keske, a graduate visualization student at Texas A&M, was part of a History Channel program that documented scientists’ and explorers’ encounters with the deep sea and the earth underneath it.

The show, “Journey to the Earth’s Core,” which premiered March 23, included a summer 2010 mission of the 470-foot research ship JOIDES (Joint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling) Resolution off the coast of British Columbia, where a group of scientists installed long-term borehole observatories a mile and a half under the ocean’s surface.

Keske’s animated video describes how scientists install the observatories, use them to study the ocean’s crust deep below the sea floor and gives an in-depth look at their components and scientific instruments.

Keske, who graduated from the Bachelor of Science in Visualization program in May 2010, served as the mission’s outreach officer, collaborating with the ship’s scientists to create innovative learning and teaching tools designed to facilitate the communication of scientific drilling results to broad audiences.

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posted March 28, 2011