ENDS major learns about historic preservation during her Washington, D.C. internship

Texas A&M [environmental design] (http://dept.arch.tamu.edu/undergraduate/academics/index.html) major Christine Miterko learned in detail about aspects of the federal government’s role in preserving historic sites at an internship in the nation’s capital last summer.

During her internship at the Office of Federal Agency Programs, Miterko delved into historic preservation loan and grant programs and worked with the agency’s communications office to publicize the successful preservation of a historic building in Vermont.

“I learned about federal procedures for preserving historic structures by working in the office and attending classes about Section 106,” said Miterko. Section 106 is part of the National Historic Preservation Act that requires federal agencies to take into account the effects of their activities on historic properties.

She learned about the internship in an email from professor Kevin Glowacki to students in a architecture, heritage, and culture class.

“Professor Glowacki’s classes have piqued my interest in historic preservation, and it was a great opportunity to work in D.C. for the summer, said Miterko, who is considering a career in preservation.

Glowacki, who heads the [Center for Heritage Conservation] (http://chc.arch.tamu.edu) , specializes in classical and near Eastern art and archaeology. An associate professor of architecture, he teaches art and architectural history and holds the David Woodcock professorship in historic preservation.

Richard Nira

posted November 19, 2018