Architecture professor named to list of top-10 HVAC educators

Culp also earned ASHRAE's E.K. Campbell Award OF Merit in 2015.

Teaching excellence, inventiveness, and dedication to sustainability were cited as the top criteria for including Charles Culp, Texas A&M professor of architecture, in an online [list] ( of top-10 heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems educators.

The professors on the list, said Barry Franklin, editor in chief of HVAC Classes, an online clearinghouse for information about HVAC education opportunities, represent the best when it comes to teaching excellence, inventiveness, and dedication to sustainability in the heating arena of the HVAC industry.

Factors that landed Culp on the HVAC Classes list included his leadership at Texas A&M’s [Energy Systems Laboratory] ( , where he serves as associate director.

The ESL focuses on energy-related research, energy efficiency, and emissions reduction, and has a total annual income for external research and testing exceeding $10 million.

Culp lead a team that developed diagnostic software in the ESL’s Continuous Commissioning , a building energy “tune-up” procedure that has yielded more than $100 million in energy savings in little more than 300 buildings.

Introduced by the ESL in 1995, Continuous Commissioning, has been used by public and private sector clients in Texas and throughout the world, typically resulting in a 20 percent reduction in a building's energy consumption.

In 2015, Culp’s outstanding service and teaching earned him the prestigious E.K. Campbell Award of Merit from the Life Members Club of the [American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers] ( .

posted December 14, 2015