Roldán discusses his firm’s projects at Feb. 27 lecture

Miguel Roldán

Miguel Roldán, founding principal of [R+B Architects] ( in Barcelona and adjunct professor of architecture at Texas A&M’s study abroad program in Spain, discussed his firm’s projects Feb. 27 as part of the Spring 2012 Architecture Lecture Series.

Roldán, who founded [R+B Architects] ( with Mercé Berengué in 1988, says he is interested in the moment when ideas move themselves into the territory of promises, in discovering the promises in a problematic site, in a confusing program, a low budget, an incomplete product or an uneven slope.

“A good problem,” he has said, “is a good resource.”

He and Berengue, he said, have always liked to challenge students to compete, and to irreverently face challenges who are supposedly beyond their level of architectonic maturity.

“We confide in the fact that architecture not only has a strong base in acquired experience and technical knowledge, but that part of the magic of architecture resides in intuition and risk,” he said.

An exhibit of interior designs by Roldán and his R+B partner Mercé Berengué was recently [exhibited] ( at the Catalunya College of Architects headquarters in Barcelona.

posted April 27, 2012