Former student wins forestry association award for design

The creative use of several types of wood in a Houston church renovation designed by architect David Morris ‘57 netted him an award from the Texas Forestry Association.

Morris, who earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree at Texas A&M, designed an addition and renovations to Houston Holy Ghost Catholic Church that included an array of forest products, including solid core oak doors, plywood cabinets and plywood wall sheathing.

The project garnered an Excellence in Wood Design, institutional category award from the TFA.

“The award winners created amazing uses of wood or trees,” said Ron Hufford, executive vice president of the TFA. “Their craftsmanship and use of Texas wood products make each of them very deserving of the award.”

Morris also designed a new accessible entrance utilizing wood doors, stained glass windows and wood frames from the original east transept entrance that was removed for the addition.

Since 1967, the TFA has given annual recognition to design projects that utilize Texas wood and wood products.

Award nominations are open to projects that have been completed within the last five years. Awards are given in the following categories: institutional, commercial, residential and special projects.

The TFA is a nonprofit trade association representing 3,000 members who grow, manage, harvest and process Texas’ forest resources.

posted April 13, 2012