Arch prof’s drawing selected for prestigious Miami art exhibit

Alejandro Borges

Two drawings exploring the nature of human thinking and perception by [Alejandro Borges] ( , a member of the [architecture] ( faculty at Texas A&M, were chosen for a Sept. 27 – Oct. 2, 2018 juried show at a Miami gallery that highlights exceptional mid-career and emerging artists with challenging conceptual exhibitions of contemporary art.

Award ceremonies will be held 7-10 p.m. Sept. 29, 2018 at the gallery, [Curator’s Voice Art Projects] ( , 299 NW 25 th St. in Miami.

Borges’ pieces, “Sublimation” and “The Mask,” are from his “Projections” series investigating the mythos of shadows and perception through the ages. It was drawn on paper in ink and graphite in 2018.

“Our experience, what is real and imagined, all is projective,” Borges said, citing Plato’s theories, one of many thought leaders he researched. “We live inside our own individual and collective projections. Getting out of them or recognizing them is the key to reach a higher level of conscience.”

The show was curated by Milagros Bello, director of Curator’s Voice Art Projects. Bello teaches at South Florida universities, writes about art for national publications, and has worked as an independent curator for over 20 years.

Other artwork from Borges’ “Projections” series were recently exhibited at Artspace 111 in Fort Worth, Texas and at the TAG Gallery in Los Angeles.

In his paintings, drawings, collages, sculptures and installations, Borges explores design concepts such as light, shadow, projection and transformation in a series of dichotomies such as order versus chaos, and conscious versus unconscious states. His art has been in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

The artist counts urban and industrial design among his academic interests. He earned an undergraduate degree at Universidad Central de Venezuela in 1989 and a Master of Architecture degree at Cornell University in 1994.

Sarah Wilson

posted September 12, 2018